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Thanks for the BTR Recap about Simone/Aimee! It's sad... I got into following gym more closely thanks to Gymnastike, but I can't justify the Gold fee, despite how much I love the sport! If only it were at least half as much...

No problem!

Gymnastike annoys the crap out of me, so I’m trying to avoid their site as much as possible. I just know a lot of people like the recaps!

Anonymous asked
do u think anyone will be able to beat Florida next year? I mean they're getting like kennedy and 2 other elites and I mean a team with kennedy and bridget is just intimidating… haha

Yes….Oklahoma and LSU definitely can!

Anonymous asked
How do you think schools such as Michigan and Nebraska will do with their new freshmen in the rankings?

Well both teams are getting some strong freshman, however they are both loosing a huge scorer each. Sampson and Wong. So it will be interesting to see how things balance out. 

Just the bigger names….Michigan is getting Brianna Brown, Lauren Marinez, and India McPeak. Nebraska is getting Kamerin Moore and Grace Williams. 

I think they will both be okay in the rankings still. Shouldn’t have a problem staying in the top 10 at least. 

Recap- New BTR with Simone Biles

Just an fyi, this episode is only 12 minutes long and is mostly talking. 

So the episode starts out with the gymternet’s favorite person, Anne knocking on Simone’s door- kind of like they do on the Ellen show when she goes to peoples houses and surprises them with money or Proactiv. lol. (just kidding) They show Simone getting ready to leave for practice and off she goes. 

The camera takes us inside the car with Simone as she drives to the gym (which is about 30 minutes away with traffic.) It’s good to know that the camera man doesn’t even bother to put on a seatbelt because Simone’s car started beeping as she was driving. Simone says “That would be your seatbelt.” He claims he didn’t even realize he wasn’t wearing it. “You’re welcome.” she says. 

Then it goes to Aimee who talks about leaving Bannons. 

"Back in October I got to the point where I just decided it was time for me to move on from Bannons. We kind of had a plan in mind and Simone’s parents were involved with it…and it just got to the point where it was time for me to move on essentially." - Aimee

"Simone is use to being around her sister, she has been in the gym with her for years. Now that she’s here and her sister is still training over at Bannons, it has been a little bit hard. But we are all respecting the fact that Adria wanted to finish out her season with her teammates there and just didn’t want to be disrupted at that time. Simones goes there to pick her up and drop her off occasionally, so she still gets to see her old teammates and maintain a relationship with them." -Aimee

Then it goes back to Simone in the car who is also talking about the move.  

"I’m adjusting. It took awhile, but it’s okay." - Simone

Simone says her first day at AIM was really rough. “I couldn’t’ stop crying the whole day. I couldn’t even make it through a workout, so I had to go home early. But after that it was pretty good.” 

Aimee says she thinks the hardest part for Simone is not having teammates around her to chat with. Simone says saying goodbye to her teammates at Bannons was the hardest part. “It was an emotional train wreck in the gym! I tried not to cry so hard.” Simone promised her teammates (who she says were like her family) that she would still see them all the time. “I think that helped them.” she said. 

"The hardest part about the new gym is not having that bond that I had with the girls at Bannons and having them beside me for 4-5 hours a day cheering me up and everything. I think that’s the hardest part- knowing that I had to leave them." -Simone

In the morning Simone and Aimee train in the gym alone for a few hours. Simone says she and Aimee have built a stronger relationship since switching gyms.

"Right now, since it is just us and we are a two man team, it has been tough for both of us. So I try to encourage her to make sure she is communicating with me and kind of create a safe space that if she’s frustrated or upset or happy- she can share all those emotions with me. And they don’t have to have anything to do with her gymnastics. She can just share them with me so that she knows she’s safe around me." -Aimee (Awwww, isn’t their relationship just adorable?)

Then they show Simone talking to Aimee about Simone’s sister Adria….who Simone appears to be frustrated with. “She’ll hit me…I don’t say anything. Then I hit her back and she’ll yell ‘dad!’” Aimee jokingly says “Well of course!” 

Simone don’t get it. lol

"I’m pretty good a reading her emotional state. I do ask her more now how she is feeling. Like if I see that she is starting to get a little upset about something..I will go and ask her, where as before she would just talk to her teammates about that….now I know that I’m the only person she has to talk to about that. So again, I open up that safe space- you can tell me what’s going on. Sometimes it’s school, sometimes it’s home, sometimes it’s boys, you know? She’s a normal teenager." - Aimee

Now we see a little bit of Simone training on beam. She’s working on a 2.5 turn in tuckstand and she keeps falling off. 

She’s also working on switch halfs and is again falling left and right. Aimee tells her she needs to focus more. “Like literally focus on the beam.” After Simone falls again, Aimee asks her “where are you looking?” Simone replies “I am looking at it.” Then Aimee says “You are looking at it, but then you turn your head down to the floor. Your eyes can’t come off the beam and you know that. If your eyes come off the beam and you are turning…you will come off of the beam completely.” After a few more attempts Simone appears to have gotten very frustrated. 

Aimee tells her that she can see her getting distracted in the middle of the skill. She says she will make the cameras leave and wait outside until they are done. “You need more focus. You were close to perfection yesterday.That routine had two falls, missed connections, and sloppy things that you don’t need to be doing.” Aimee says. “Do you want me to tell them to leave?” “No they are fine.” Simone says. Aimee replies “well get more focused.” 

Then Simone gets it in gear (or at least it’s edited to look that way.) She nails everything she was struggling with. 

Then Aimee talks about how Debbie and Dina (the owners of AIM) have been really supportive and that the facility is great and provides them with everything they need.

"It seemed like the right thing to do when we heard Aimee and Simone were leaving Bannons. So of course we opened the doors to them and it’s been great. We’ve followed Simone and Aimee since she was little and it’s been great having them. Some of the little girls here don’t even know what it means to be the best in the world. They are starting to figure it out- that they have someone here they can look up to. But it’s been terrific and both of them have been terrific for the program." -Debbie (owner of AIM)

Debbie also said that she thinks Aimee and Simone have adjusted really well and that everyone is starting to become real close. All the girls get along.

Simone says how she knows the little girls on the team at AIM were in awe when she first starting training there…she thought it was really cute, but she was too in the moment of being sad that she didn’t really notice them. (she laughed while saying this. lol)

Then Aimee talks about the new gym that is being built which will be much closer to Simone’s house. They hope the gym will be done by September or October. The gym will offer dance, gymnastics, taekwondo, cheerleading, and basically every program that USA Gymnastics has. “Plus some other perks and amenities that we are hoping will appeal to the parents in the area.” Aimme said. 

Simone said her dad kept joking about building a gym and she thought he was crazy. Ron Biles says the facility is rather large but family oriented. He says Aimee calls it “the one stop shop” because you can do it all there!

Again they show Simone and Aimee doing some more training/conditioning. You can’t see Simone’s face but apparently she rolls her eyes at Aimee because Aimee goes “did you just roll your eyes at me?” lol Aimee says that everyday is a new day and they don’t let stuff from the past drag over to the next day. 

Then they show several different clips of Simone picking her nails. Aimee says she picks her nail polish off when she’s trying to avoid doing something or resting. I love how Aimee is coaching her and Simone is just off in her own world picking at her nails. lol

The episode ends with Simone doing conditioning. Simone claims the stopwatch on her phone works faster then Aimee’s watch. So to prove a point, Aimme lets Simone watch both as she goes through the exercise.

Turns out they both worked the same speed, Simone just started hers a half a second before Aimee’s watch. lol. Simone the sneak. 

"Well, yours is still slow." - Simone

The end. 

Anonymous asked
Seniors you're going to miss?

Joanna Sampson and Emily Wong mostly. They are my faves! :)

Anonymous asked
This is the first year where I have followed NCAA from the beginning to end! It's been a blast. I can't believe that although I have been followed elite for years, I've only discovered NCAA gym now. But what am I supposed to now? Lol No NCAA and elite season hasn't exactly started lol

I’m glad you liked it! I love NCAA! :) 

This is kind of the down time for gymnastics…but there’s always YouTube to keep yourself entertained until elite season! Watch old meets! :)

Anonymous asked
Bahaha going to the stress about NCAA! Me too!! I was rooting for Georgia and was having a panic attack in qualifications

That’s like me but for Michigan! lol

Anonymous asked
Sam is coming for 2015!! Do know who is the incoming class for UCLA next year?

Pua Hall and Melissa Metcalf!