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Anonymous asked
wait you were 3 years old in 2008?

We we’re 12 in 2008?

If I was 3 in 2008 that would make me 9 years old now. LOL

keep-calm-and-irish-dance asked
Can you try interview India McPeak please!!! I'd love to hear how she decided to try NCAA and if she is still aiming for Rio!!
Anonymous asked
Do you know if The Couch Gymnast's site will ever be back...or is it the gymer(.)net now? I'm super confused

I’m not sure. 

I know the gymter,net site was started by Lauren Hopkins. (Who writes for the Couch Gymnast) So I’m not sure if that’s replacing the Couch Gymnast site or what…

Anonymous asked
For the classics predictions, we're supposed to only send you the AA podium? or everything else too?

Nope! Just AA! :)

Anonymous asked
How do the U.S.juniors stack up against Great Britain's juniors?

Well the US has a lot more juniors…and I think their a lot stronger in general. But GB has some good girls too. Ellie Downie is shaping up to be good all arounder, Catherine Lyons shows potential on bars, beam, and floor, I like Georgia Mae Fenton and Amy Tinkler as well!

Anonymous asked
Thoughts on Felicia Hano??

She’s pretty good on vault and floor. Nothing about her ‘wows’ me, but she’s a good gymnast!

Anonymous asked
I hope we see Laurie in Rio! I like her alot and I think she stands apart from the other girls. Not to mention I would like some of that energy of hers!

I hope so too!

Laurie is just amazing- as a person and gymnast. I want all the best for her!

Anonymous asked
Who do you think Marta favored among the fierce five leading up to London?

I don’t really think she favored any of them.

I’m sure someone could argue that…but I personally don’t believe she favored any of them. 

Anonymous asked
When are senior Pan Ames? Can JSA send any seniors? xxx

August 27-Sept 1 

What’s JSA?