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Anonymous asked
What happened to Alexis "poof" after she left CGA? She isn't competing this summer

She went to Brandy Johnson’s but got injured. She will probably be ready next season, however I’m not sure if her plans include elite or just staying level 10 and getting ready for college. 

Anonymous asked
i like bross but come on its obvious she will never do elite again or even if she wants she will never ever make a team again so why doesn't she fianlly say she's not coming back? she is 'still making her decision' since 2011? well if she can't decide, gymnastics already did it! she is just too old now and had injuries that won't allow her to ever be succesfull again, that might sound harsh but I already said I like her but I'm just tired of her 'making a decision' for years

Deep down she probably knows that she’s done…she’s just not ready to let it go yet. Right now her future is technically up in the air, but once she announces she’s done- she’s done. It’s probably a hard thing for her to do considering gymnastics has been her life and things didn’t end how she wanted them to. It’s not easy to walk away. 

Anonymous asked
Any idea what's going on with Rebecca Bross? What has she been up to?

She’s still coaching at WOGA….hasn’t said a peep about her future plans. 

Anonymous asked
How much do you think does Martha or someone else keeps an eye on what the other gymnastic nations are doing? Like their skills etc..

I’m sure Martha sits on her smartphone all day and watches youtube videos and stalks twitter and tumblr. lol

Anonymous asked
Vanasia Bradley is underrated!! Do you think so?

I do! She actually has some really good skills and the potential to be awesome. Last year at Classics, which was her first elite competition, I kept talking about her and everyone was like ‘who is this girl?’ lol 

When she hits, she can do great things! :) 

Anonymous asked
Most impressive piece of gymnastics being done right now?

Probably the laidout double double. 

Anonymous asked
Dont you think Rebecca Andrade is shaping up to be a medal threat come Rio? Alekandrov is the best thing that could happen to Brazil!

Well she is looking very good. I think that with a little more work, yes, she is on the right track to being a medal contender in Rio. 

How exciting would that be? 

Anonymous asked
Why do you think gabby chose buckeye?

She’s running out of options of gyms that will take her? lol

Really though, I don’t know. lol 

Anonymous asked
How comes some of the colleges started way early back in the summer? What are they doing over the summer?

Some of them train voluntarily. Most official practices don’t start until September-October.